May 30, 2012

House Building Adventure: [To Build or Buy?]

Oh. Em. Gee. I wish I could just show you what our house looks like right now. It is so close to being move-in ready and it keeps getting harder and harder to stay patient! Good thing I've always believed patience is nonsense a virtue. I must keep the suspense up, though, and continue the house building story. So, we left off at the beginning, right after we were married. This time, it's all about finally deciding between building and buying.

We were all moved in to our temporary home which was also up for sale. It is a long story but to make it short, it was a fixer upper that I stupidly purchased with an ex-boyfriend. The only good thing about it was that we had a place to live for cheap and my husband is a master handy-man to do the stuff the lame-o never did. We just hoped it would sell so I could wipe my hands of it. Anyways, back to the fun stuff...

Very shortly after we were moved in and settled, we visited the model home of our dream house about a jillion times (in addition to the jillion times while we waited for the other house to sell). We wanted it so bad, but before we could totally jump in, we wanted to check out what was on the market. There were quite a few houses for sale in our price range and we knew we wanted something newer. Travis had his fair share of projects in fixer uppers and he was ready for something nice and new. So, we had our realtor take us around some homes. It basically assured us that we would be 100% happier if we built. We knew exactly what we wanted, and that didn't include being trapped in a flat subdivision surrounded by neighbors. Don't get me wrong, we love neighbors, just not smooshed up next to us. Travis grew up in a house that had 10 acres, so .00004 just wasn't going to cut it. There was also always something just, off, about the houses we looked at. We knew what we could get for the same price and nothing else came close. We were so glad we took the time to see what was out there, though, because we know we made the right decision.

Basically, our next step was to find out how much money we could get and start talking with the builder.If any readers live in Southeast Idaho and are looking for a good home builder, check these guys out. They are super easy to work with and do a beautiful job (more about this later). So, we found out how much we could spend and started making our offer! I hope you'll stick around with me and see what's next! I promise photos will come!

I just want to end this post with a few bits of randomness about me so you can learn a little more about me!

Watch out for this guy if you go to the Utah Zoo. He's feisty. Rawr.

* I am obsessed with this song. You can't tell me his voice isn't dreamy. Thank you Alt Nation (and husband for buying me Sirius).
* I can't say no to ice cream. Fro-yo, sherbet, sorbet,! Ben & Jerry = my heroes.
* I try to play the drums. I had a gig once at an open-mic night. There will be a band room in the new house so perhaps you'll hear about my drumming adventure. My husband happens to be an amazing musician and plays in a band with his brothers.

Okay, that's it for now! Thank you for commenting and following along! It makes me giddy. Serious.

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Alyssa said...

I loooove Ben & Jerry's! I used to eat it all the time before I discovered that I was allergic to milk! :( I love it, my throat on the other hand, doesn't.

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