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 My name is Jessica, but please please call me Jess. Just Jess. I live in Idaho with my wonderful husband Travis and our perfect darg [my way of saying dog] Riley.This is them. The background is the view from our new home. Sweet, eh?!

Precious, I know. Edited via Instagram. Follow me @jstjessontheloop
I graduated from Idaho State University in 2010 and have worked full-time as an Office Manager since then. While I am happy with my job, I need a little something to spark my creativity and keep me inspired and motivated! Hence, the start of this blog!

All wedding photos taken by the lovely Wendy. Pictures are pre-edit.

 Travis and I were married on a perfect fall September day in 2011 [more pics to come, promise]. Soon after, we started the process of building a brand new home up on the hill! Our address is a Loop. Get where the name came from now?  I plan on sharing the process of building and all the details of making our new house our home!

No, I'm not a chef. No, I don't have an exciting life. I have no fashion sense to share. I'm no master crafter. Even though I'm no master of any trade, I do know that I love life and try to live everyday like there's no tomorrow. I also know that life is full of adventure and I want to be able to look back at this time of life someday. There are so many moments that get lost and I want to remember them. I hope you'll follow along on our adventure!

Feel free to email me anytime at jstjess8 at gmail . com

xo, J

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Jess said...

How beautiful is your view!! I found you through 'Friday letters' and obviously was intrigued since we have the same name :) Can't wait to follow along!
Jess @ jmnway.blogspot.com

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