October 9, 2012

The Adventure Continues…

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our first anniversary. Yes, I’m a bad blogger, but hey, late than never, right? Right.

Besides, I don’t want to forget the fact that both Travis and I planned a little scavenger hunt for each other. Yep. Meant to be. So, enjoy bits and pieces of our hunt in photos. We sure did. #littlekidsinbigkidsbodies

The perfect card for us.
Riley always has to be in on the action.06-05607-060
No, Lays didn’t pay me. Travis is just obsessed.08-06409-06710-069
He made me go all the way out to the trailer for a clue to send me right back inside. He gets this face a lot.11-07312-074


We spoiled each other with little gifts and our main gift to each other was a trip to Park City, Utah. Maybe I’ll share that soon. We’ll see. This whole life thing gets in the way of blogging. I’m not sure how you all do it! I’ve also been up to DIY projects, a house-warming party, and preparing for the Tough Mudder this coming Sunday. Watch this video and then tell me I’m crazy. No wait, don’t! I already know. Yes, those wires are live, and no, I might not be come Sunday afternoon.


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Yay looks like so much fun!

Amy said...

Absolutely LOVE scavenger hunts! So fun!

Carolyn said...

So cute! I love the idea of a scavenger hunt! Super creative! :)

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