October 24, 2012

What If...?

Do you ever find yourself asking this question? You know, the what if something something wouldn't have happened, then something else wouldn't have happened question. I have to admit, I do more often than I should. I found out something last week (that I won't be sharing on this blog) that made me ask this question regarding the most devastating thing that has happened in my life (I also just remembered I haven't even told my husband yet. Bad wife). I even find myself asking those two words for the smallest things (what if I would have had water instead of wine, maybe my head wouldn't hurt so bad). Okay, bad example.  Sometimes this question can be good to ask before something happens, especially if you're trying to make a decision. However, in my opinion, I find it hard to move past something if you are always asking this question.

I've always been one to believe that everything happens for a reason, but sometimes it is hard to think that way when you just can't move on without knowing exactly what that reason is. I know someday I'll have the answer, but until then, I'll keep living, trying to believe that if something is meant to be, it will be, and there's no what if that would ever change that.

1 comment:

Amy said...

So true! Definitely needed this reminder today! :)

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