March 27, 2013


..."Travis! Wake up! The doorbell rang!" As I elbowed Travis in the chest to no avail, he began sleep talking. Well shoot, I thought to myself. There ain't no way I'm getting up to answer it! It's 1:30 in the morning. #perksofbeingmarried

So I lay there quietly, until a few minutes later, ding-dong! Travis finally heard it and got out of bed. He took the longest amount of time to throw some pants on and finally made it to the front door. What do you know, whoever it was had been gone by then. Seriously, how long does it take to throw sweats on?! He noticed it was someone on a motorcycle that took off right when he got to the door. So he waited to see if they came back down the hill. Our neighborhood only has one way in, one way out, and we are at the beginning of it. Well, it never came back down. To add to Trav's confusion, it was his birthday the night before, so he'd had a few birthday drinks. So, after waiting and no one coming back down, he came back to bed.

Of course we just lay there because I couldn't fall back asleep. Who could it be? This is weird. About 5 minutes later, ding-dong. Wow! Travis was still awake. And he had clothes on! So he makes it to the door. I lay there waiting for a gun shot or loud scream. #bestwifeever I hear another man's voice and Travis goes to the mudroom to put shoes on and goes outside. Uhhhh. I hop out of bed, go potty, throw my robe on, and quietly leave the bedroom. I then tiptoe around to the front door and peek out the window. I see lights from a car but can't see what car. So, I walk around to the guest room to creepily peek out of that window.

Two cop cars?! What is going on? In our nice, quiet, new neighborhood? At our house?

Then I hear Travis opening the garage. So I creep back to the mudroom and try to hear through the door. And no, I couldn't just go outside and find out what's going on. Where's the fun in that!? So I hear talking but I have no idea what they are saying. So I go back to the guest room and see one of the police-persons taking a photo of Trav's truck. Hmm. Are we in trouble? No comprende.

After what seems like a long time, Travis finally comes back in. "Someone broke into my truck!" Well, technically they just opened it because someone likes to leave doors unlocked. Apparently the mysterious motorcycle man was our neighbor who was on his way home from work and noticed the truck doors wide open. After we didn't answer the door, he went home and found his vehicle broken into as well and called the cops. All they took from the truck was a $2.00 bill and a new unopened package of speakers worth about $100 but thankfully nothing was broken, they didn't try to enter the house (the side garage door was open! *shudder*) and the speakers are easily replaceable. Turns out this is the second time this has happened to the neighbors.

Things like this make me wonder: Is the person that did this desperate for money, bored, or just likes to hurt/scare other people? Why are there people who take away from others for their own personal gain? I will just never understand.

Basically the point of this story was to remember that our neighbor's sombrero got stolen and to tell you guys *cough:Travis:cough* to lock your stuff up.  People suck. Oh, and Travis sells fancy camera thingies and yes, he is going to be installing one.


Esme said...

Glad there was no damage to your vehicle. Reading this reminded me of when I was being sneaky a time or two lol

Amy said...

Aw! So sorry that this happened to you! Thankfully no one was hurt! Have a great weekend!

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