August 21, 2012

Bloggy Break Mission: Complete

...well, for the most part. Anyone still here?? ...crickets...??

I sure hope so! The you still being here part! I missed being here but I'm pretty much addicted to blogs so I stayed caught up reading all yours. Priorities! We are all moved back in after having to move out for the Parade of Homes. At the time, it was a huge pain in the rear, but now that it's all said and done, it was so totally worth it.

We had hundreds of people walk through our house while we had to stay somewhere else, but we got this beauty of a wet bar for payment.

We had it framed in the building of our house but were saving some dough by planning on finishing it ourselves. Well, they finished it way more fancy than we ever would have and saved us time and money! Woo! And in case you were wondering...Yes. We're lushes.

Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Bradley Cooper?
Anyways, I'm so excited to FINALLY post a reveal of our new home. No it's not decorated and will be a work in progress for awhile, but I'm excited to share our adventure in DIY and decorating. There's bound to be a lot of misadventure as well, but hey, that's what life is all about.

Oh, and if you're looking for something extremely delicious and easy to make for a party or guests, make this SKINNY Banana Cream Pie from SkinnyTaste. It was so easy and so good. I used Plain Greek yogurt in place of the sour cream and crushed up a Heath Bar to sprinkle over the top. You could use your favorite candy bar instead, but trust me, don't skip this step. It's only a few extra calories per slice and is so worth it!

You can even be like me and eat half the pie yourself while having a lazy day of a Nip/Tuck marathon with your movie-star husband. It was a great Sunday, indeed.

p.s. I got fancy and created some blog buttons! See them over there on the right? You likey? If you're interested in swapping, send me an email! I'd love to put your prettiness on my blog.


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Totally looks like Bradley Cooper and yum that pie looks so good! I may have to try that! What is parade of homes? I can't wait to see pictures, that bar looks amazing!!!! I am a lush that is on my way over now! haha

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

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