August 30, 2012

Celebrate the Little Things

Birthday Birthday Birthday
So Tuesday was my birthday. The big 2-6. I like to call August my birthday month and attempt to get my husband to buy me a present every day. It never works. However, he does spoil me rotten so I guess that makes up for it. Kinda.

When the best day ever came rolling around, it got me thinking about what has happened since my last birthday. I'm not sure I'll ever have such an eventful, amazing, crazy, busy, wonderful year. Let's break it down:

*August 28, 2011: Turned 25
*September 24, 2011: Got married
*September 25, 2011: Moved out of house that we sold
*September 25, 2011: Moved into other house that we had for sale
*October 2011 to April 2012: Fixed up said house
*December 2011: Signed paperwork to start the building process of our new home
*February 2012: Went on on honeymoon (finally) to Mexico
*March 2012: Spent 2 weeks in England with my guard unit
*June 2012: Sold the house we were living in and lived with the in-laws for a few weeks
*June 2012: Signed a million papers and moved into our new house
*August 2012: Sold my car and bought a new car
*August 2012: Had to move out of our new house for the Parade of Homes and then move back in a few days later

*...and here we are. Holy moly.

I can't forget to mention that I also worked full time, drove 6 hours to Montana one weekend a month for guard drill and tried to squeeze some fun in there as well.

While my 25th year was certainly the best I've ever had, I'm hoping this year has a few less major moments. I want to cherish the simple things in life. Read more. Explore close to home. Be a newlywed. Make our house a home. Blog more. Cook and bake more. Spend more time with family and friends. Spend more time with Travis. Walk Riley more. Do nothing once in awhile.

Those big moments sure make life exciting, but it's the little things that makes life that much more wonderful. I am, however, planning on checking off lots of things from my 26 in 26 list and I'll definitely keep you posted. I can't wait for the adventures and little moments! I'm headed to Boulder tomorrow and I can't wait to share my Aunt's wedding. It is going to be such a fun, beautiful day.

When's your birthday and how do you celebrate? Do you make a big deal out of it or keep it quiet? I like to tell everyone. It is my day, after all!


Nicole said...

Happy late birthday!

Treasure Tromp said...

what a wonderful year you have had!

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