July 26, 2012

26 in 26

I had every intention of posting pics of the new pad but then this beauty decided to post a dandy little link-up that I couldn't resist. I have an adventure list in my head and I loved the idea of writing down things that I would like to do just this year. Maybe that will help to actually accomplish some of these things! Since my birthday month is fast approaching, (yes, I celebrate all month long since it's on the 28th and everyone should celebrate the whole month of your birthday, especially if you can convince your significant other that you need a present every day until your birthday, even if he only does it for one week), this is the perfect time to get those adventures in my head so they can be crossed off! So, in no particular order...

1. Build something from scratch for our new house! I've never done that with the exception of a CD holder in Junior High. Doesn't count. I want this beauty in our entry:

Entry Table DIY
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2. Bake and decorate a homemade cake. Preferably something like this which would be perfect for hub's birthday:

 Guitar Cake

3. Go on an amazing trip to a new city with the love of my life for our first Anniversary. Done! We went to Park City, UT and you can find my little recap of our adventure here!

4. Adopt a dog from the local shelter or humane society. I need one badly. Riley may not approve at first, though. Spoiled only child syndrome going on there. He'd get used to it, though, and they'd be best of friends!

I'm sure the world would be a better place!

5. Make a decision if this is the year or not we start trying to have a wee one. I'm almost there, I think. It terrifies me, though, in a good way, if that's possible.

6. Really decide what I want to do for the rest of my life. Go back to school for my Master's? Change my direction completely? Win the lottery? I'm just not quite fulfilled with what I'm doing right now, but I feel very lucky to have the job I do. We'll see what is in store for me.

7. Complete my first race! Note: I will be accomplishing this twice with both The Dirty Dash and The Tough Mudder! I had to throw in something that I knew would be crossed off. ;)

8. Grow this little bloggie of mine. Maybe I'll have 100 readers by this time next year? I need to get myself out there more and be more social. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there.

9. Have a dinner party at the new house which will include but not be limited to: wine and cheese tasting, homemade sushi, personal pizzas, cupcakes, jamming in the band room, jello shots and games. Sounds fun, right?!

10. Practice the drums! I have a drum set and I have the basics down, but I want to get really good. Like Travis Barker good. It's a blast jamming with Travis but I give myself too hard of a time. I just need to let loose and bang more! On the drums, silly.

11. Go to Harry Potter World at Disney World. Yes, I want to do this before we have kids. I'm selfish like that.

12. Take a girl's trip to Vegas, New York, or New Orleans. I'm not sure why, but those are the places that call out to me as far as a getaway with the girls.

13. Go skydiving with the hubs. I've done this before with one of my best friends, but I'd really like to experience it with him flying next to me. It's such a wonderful feeling. Too bad he's chicken...

14. Make homemade pasta. I love to cook and try new things, and pasta is one of my favorites.

15. Find or start a book club. I love reading but it would be nice to have some motivation to get through a book. I find myself reading blogs at night instead. Why do you all have to be so entertaining!? Plus, any excuse to hang out with some ladies and drink martinis or wine is alright with me!

16. Use my fancy DSLR more! I may even take a photography class. Scratch that. I will take a photography class. I need to break out of my bubble. Riley is tired of being my model.

17. Master the handstand in yoga, preferably in this location:


18. Plant a garden. I want maters, squash, zucchini, herbs, taters, peas...pretty much anything that can grow in Southeastern Idaho.


19. Actually do some of the things I pin on Pinterest. Thanks to the Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. link up, check this out!

20. Volunteer somewhere. It feels good to give back.

21. Go one week without eating any meat and get my husband to do it with me. Me: easy. Him: not so much.

22. Hold plank for 5 minutes. Mission: Impossible.

good advice.
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24. Create a painting.

25. Learn a little about graphic design and make my blog B-E-A-utiful.

26. Break out of my shell and meet new people and continue o live everyday like there's no tomorrow.

So tell me and everyone else linking up what you are going to do this year! Adventure is out there, you just have to make it happen! 


Thriftary said...

So glad I found your blog!! Man o man. Please share photos once you master that handstand :)


Anonymous said...

I love this...I'm posting my list tonight! :) I would have never expected you were hoping to channel your inner Travis Barker...that's awesome! Reaching 100 readers is a goal of mine as well! We'll help each other out :)

Marianna Dunn said...

I love this post! :) I'm your newest follower AND I've nominated you for an award! Head over to my blog when you get a chance to pick it up!

Delightfully Dunn

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Newest follower through the link up! Can't wait to dive into your blog!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

btw...I really want to try and keep my plank for at least 30 seconds lol! Love your blog design!

Annie said...

It might be weird how much I love you just because of your number 4 and the saying below it! I have always had shelter dogs and cats and they are the best ever you won't regret it!


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