July 9, 2012


That’s what things are about to get up in here. Blogging on the regular. I even jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Damn you, social media. This little newbie blog has taken a little backburner while we:
  • Stared in awe at our new love on the hill:
  • Moved into the new house and battled this disaster of a storage unit [it looks small due to the lighting, but believe me when I say it goes back about 40,000 feet.
  • Rested in between moving millions of boxes and enjoyed our amazing backyard view.
  • Went to an amazing concert including Kimbra, Mayer Hawthorne, and Foster the People. They were all great live, but I think my fave was Mayer Hawthorne. Kimbra has got some pipes though!
  • Basked in the heat wave that Idaho has been experiencing by taking a spin on ‘The Dreamsicle’:
All I know is that we’ve been so busy between moving, unpacking, working. softball, taking care of the darg, eating, drinking, exercising, sleeping, and squeezing in a little bit of fun, that I needed to just put this on pause until we got somewhat settled. Little did I know that it will probably be forever from now until that happens, so I’m making this a part of my routine as well! Life is crazy so let’s add some more!
I also had to wait until we had internet at the house. Almost two weeks without it! We didn’t miss it too much, but now that it’s back, I’m not sure how we lived without it! Netflix withdrawals for sure.
So, with that little update, I’m off. But I’ll be back. Sooner than a month. Maybe.
Yay for summer adventures!

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Anonymous said...

can't wait to see more pictures of your house! & that concert looks like it was super fun :)

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