December 6, 2012

Saw It, Pinned It, Did It: {Yarn Wreath}

We finally got our house [a little] full of Christmas cheer and I wanted to make a few projects myself. I've been wanting to link up to Katie's and Steph's spectacular party since they started it and it was just the motivation I needed to stop pinning and start doing!

I've been seeing those yarn wrapped wreaths all over the interwebs and Pinterest for forever now. They look so easy but so cute and can easily be made for any reason/season. I like projects that I can do myself but take minimal supplies and not too much time. I'm a really picky pinner (is this in the dictionary as a verb yet?) and since there are so many variations out there, I pinned a simple one I liked and used it as inspiration to make one for our front door.

yarn wreath

Pinned from here

So cute and simple, right?

So, first you'll have to gather supplies. I used:

*1 Styrofoam wreath, any size you want
*yarn, any color you want
*felt, a few different colors you want
*ribbon, twine or anything you have around for hanging
*glue gun
*scissors (make sure they're sharp)
*any other pretty things: twine, beads, etc. to jazz it up

See, cheap and easy (just the way I like it)(that's probably what he said), especially if you already have some of these things on hand!

....Drum-roll please....



I didn't take pictures of the process because it really is so easy. I took my pretty red yarn, hot glued the end to the wreath and started wrapping. Round and round you go. I would hot glue about every 10 wrap-a-rounds just to hold it in place. If your yarn is nice and thick it will cover pretty well so you shouldn't have to go around more than once. This only took about a half an episode of 90210. There were a few sad spots, so I just randomly wrapped yarn around those spots, which also added a little bit of variation and texture. It won't be perfect but that's okay! Imperfection is better in this case.

Now, for those simple little flowers, all you have to do it cut some circles or strips out of felt. Make some bigger to add some excitement to that little wreath of yours. There are so many tutorials out there to make felt flowers, so I'm just going to direct you to the one I used. She spells out five different ways to make them, and seriously, once you read through them, you'll probably never have to refer back to it. It's that easy. Can you tell which ones I made?

After you make as many flowers as you want, start hot gluing them to the wreath in any arrangement that suits your fancy. I didn't make a specific plan or anything, I just started gluing one by one.It would be fun to add some pine tree sprigs or mistletoe to jazz it up a bit, too.

In my case, I used a pretty ribbon that came from my wine club vino to hang the wreath on the front door. I'm pretty smitten with how it turned out and I can't wait to make some more. These would make a great handmade gift, too! There are so many ways to personalize them. I can't wait to make one that can be hung anytime when there isn't a specific holiday coming up.


Now let's hope the crazy wind we have up on the hill won't blow this baby away....and next time maybe I won’t use such a baby sized wreath…


Carolyn said...

It looks so cute!! :) Good job!

Rachel @ front row seat said...

Looks great! and sounds simple! :)

Catherine said...

Craft rockstar! Love it!

Lauren said...

YAY we both did yarn wreaths! Yours is adorable!


PS-new follower!

Amy said...

I love yarn wreaths! Looks great!

Kristen479 said...

I am in love with this! I'll most certainly be making one very soon :) Thanks for sharing!

Elle said...

Awe so fun! Love the color combo!

Danielle Carroll said...

This is so cute! You did a great job!!

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