November 14, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting...

I'm obsessed with Pinterest as well as pretty much everyone else who knows what the internet is. I'm hoping to link up with Katie and Steph at some point, but that would actually mean I have to accomplish one of the things I pin. I'm not the only one who would rather keep pinning more stuff than actually doing any of it, am I???

Even the husband rolls his eyes when I show him the 'coolest thing ever' I've pinned. I say that phrase a lot. He's just lucky I haven't made him build me everything. Yet. I thought today I'd share a few of the awesome-sauce things I've pinned lately and link up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple. Oh, and I'm always looking for awesome pinners to follow, so find me here so I can find you, too!

Pallet wood with a quote
Awesome art for above our bed

Colors for master
Pretty inspiration colors for the master

Homemade Lotion Bars! None of the yucky chemicals, parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum, etc. that you'll find in store-bought lotions!  Use coconut and olive oil.
Homemade soap. Gift idea?
Wooden Letters to add some personality to your walls!  Shut the Front Door!  From East Coast Creative Blog.
Yes. Just, yes.
Missy camera bag in mint #mint....I need her.
Perfection in a camera bag.
Avocado Hummus - just avocado, white beans, lime juice, cayenne, salt, and olive oil! YUM
Avocado Hummus. nom.
Shaving Pedestal : Every girl needs this! :)
Shaving Pedestal. If you can't have a seat, this is the next best thing.
Layer and blend pieces to disguise the TV. Pretty and functional!
Disguise those TV's!
As you can see, most of the stuff I pin is home related, but I'm always pinning healthy recipes and the occasional outfit. Click the captions for the source. Happy pinning and hopefully more doing than me! More doing the things your pinning, I mean.


Nicholl Vincent said...

love that sign on the wood!

Have a great day! Stop by and say hi!

Les said...

I seriously love every single pin- I love the color scheme in that living room- it's so calming! :)

I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

Have a fabulous day!

Kallay Carr said...

Gorgeous home decor. The "shut the front door" is hilarious. Totally something I would do.

Also, sort of unrelated, I love your signature! So unique!

Stormy said...

Hey girl! New follower! (not sure why though as I've been stalking err reading for awhile now!) I LOVE the barn board sign above! So adorable! I signed up for your button swap as well! I'd love, love, love to swap with you!


P.S. You TOTALLY need to link up with Steph and Katie. My fav link up for sure!

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