November 19, 2012

Besties, Broncos and Breaking Dawn

I love weekends. I bet you’ve never heard anyone say that before. I especially love weekends that I get to get away with my love and go see one of my favorite people. My college roomie, Sara, lives in Boise with her boy-toy, which is thankfully only 3 hours away. It is our tradition to see all of the Twilight movies together, so we used Breaking Dawn: Part 2 as an excuse to plan a trip over there. We even made sure Boise State had a home game on the schedule so we could go party with the tailgaters cheer on the Broncos on the sweet blue turf.

We were greeted late Friday night with delicious tapas and even more delicious wine. I’m not very good at taking pictures because I’m usually having too much fun, but we probably looked something like this…

A little Tipsy
…but 5 years older. And just imagine my face full with stuffed mushrooms and homemade fries. And red teeth. The party poopers boys went to bed early while we stayed up too late chatting. I love bestie time.
The next day, which came way too soon by the way, was football day. Boise State pretty much sent Colorado State crying all the way home. It was 35 to 0 at one point. Needless to say, we left the rain and wind after the 3rd quarter to go find a cold beer at at bar since the campus is dry. Don’t they know they’d make way more money if they just let the drinkers drink?!

After having some drinks with some Pumpkin Spice vodka, and making a drink in a water bottle to smuggle in the theatre, we headed out to have dinner. We had our first course at a sushi place that included two rolls and sake bombs. Then we made our way to a Vietnamese restaurant for some Pho. Sidenote: I had no idea it is pronounced ‘fuh’. You’re welcome for that little lesson. It was quite delicious, and if you live in a big city, I highly recommend hitting up more than one restaurant in one night.


Then it was time for this.

And it was amazing. So amazing, that after a certain part in the movie, my dearest Sara yelled ‘mother-&!@#$%’ because we were so stressed out. And I laughed. It really was a great movie and all I have to say is being turned into a vampire did wonders for Ms. K-Stew. Oh, and I need my future daughter to look like Renesmee. Holy adorableness.

After the movie, we met up with the boys at one of the coolest bars I’ve been to in awhile. It’s called the Space Bar and it is full of sweet, old coin-operated arcade games. So, bring some quarters, buy a cold beer and play Pac-Man. Or Donkey Kong. Or Mortal Kombat. Or pinball. And then pick some music on the jukebox. It was quite the crowd and the clientele you would expect to see, but it was nice to see such a unique place doing so well. If only I could come up with a sweet idea like that…
So, long story short, I love weekends and need to be bitten by a vampire, stat. Hope your weekends were just as awesome! What’s the most unique place you have been recently??



Carolyn said...

I can't wait to see Twilight!! :)

Yesi said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Love your little blog! Would absolutely love it if we followed eachother!Have a great week hun <3


anna lizbeth said...

pumpkin spiced vodka?? how have i not heard of this! xo annalizbeth

Becca said...

What a fantastic weekend with friends and good food! I haven't been to a movie in too long.

We just got back from Cinque Terre in northern Italy. It was amazing!

Treasure Tromp said...

can't wait to see breaking dawn - no lie

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