January 21, 2013

Double the Weekends, Double the Fun

Wow. Another weekend come and go. Actually, two of them. I had so much fun these past two weekends that I have to share both of them. They both, of course, involved numerous drinks and fun shenanigans.

The first weekend consisted of seeing Travis play with The Brown Eyed Cats. Pat, the lead singer/band manager, is one of our good friends and they like to play for fun. They play a lot of 60's inspired music, so the requirement was that any girl that wanted to come had to dress up as a go-go girl. Any excuse to get dressed up works for me! Their first gig of the year was at Pocatello's only local brewpub, Portneuf Valley Brewery. They have great food, wonderful beer & wine and always have fun live music. They also display local artists' work for display and sale.

I had fun making my hair big, wearing fake eyelashes and rocking a mini skirt. The best part?! I had my entire outfit on hand! I thought it was pretty cute that the grown men wanted their band outfit to match. I'm diggin' the v-necks, not gonna lie.
The band pre-gamin' it

Cutest musician I ever did see!

I'm not sure what that pose is called. Just look at Riley!
My pretty dates...and Adam aka professional photo-bomber
All the ladies holding the leading man...he's single, ladies! And awesome!

Blurry phone pic at the after-party. I have no words.
Of course I didn't get pictures of my husband and I. That would just be weird. Obviously the rest of the weekend was spent recovering. Too. Much. Fun. And So. Much. Dancing.

This weekend was a little different. Myself and five girlfriends made the trek to Island Park, Idaho for a weekend full of relaxation and adventure at one of the girl's cabin. It was very much needed. Drinking, eating, relaxing, snowshoeing and sledding all wrapped in one weekend.

How you chill wine in Idaho

Fondue Fixins

Stunning sunset!
Yes, that's my leg.

Holy pictures, batman. It really was such a fun weekend. The cabin was so cozy I could stay there all winter! Idaho sure is beautiful. Oh, and if you ever find your way to Island Park which is very close to West Yellowstone, this cabin can be rented. Contact me if you're interested and I'll let you know how to find it!


Sam said...

Love the way you chill wine in the snow! Us Floridians have to find another way to keep our booze cold LOL!


Niken said...

okay, that's definitely amazing weekends!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Back to back fun weekends! Score you! They both look like so much fun :)

I haven't seen snow in years. I want to do a girls trip!

Thanks for linking up. I'm your newest follower.

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