January 22, 2013

The Facts of Jess...

...that most probably don't care about. However, I looove learning random things about complete strangers, so why not share some silly awesome things about me! Especially since Whitney gave us all the best excuse ever to be a little random today. I'd be crazy to not join in on the fun.

I asked Travis to tell me some silly facts about me so some of those are thrown in. I can't tell you which ones though. I've gotta keep some things private, ya know. Says the girl that has a blog.
* I'm always late. Take for example this blog post. Or work. Or the dentist. No matter how early I leave, the on time peeps are against me.
* I curse like a sailor, but at the weirdest times. That view? It's f*&@in' pretty. 
Oregon coast, 2009
 * I'm a drooler. When Trav and I were first dating, I fell asleep on his shoulder while watching a movie. Let's just say I woke up wet. And it was my cheek. Trav's shirt didn't make it out dry either.
* I'm messy with food. When I cook or eat, no matter how careful I am (which isn't often), I always end up with food in my hair or weird crumbs on my face. I eat like a child and play with my food when I'm full, and then I forget my hands were all up in my mashed potatoes and scratch my nose. 
* I can be a perv and have a dirty mind. You'd never know this about me unless we've been tight for awhile. I keep my sarcastic sense of humor to myself until I know you're a lifer.
I'll take those arms back, please.
* Peanut butter makes my world go round. I could eat it on everything if it didn't gross my husband out.
* I'm the worst decision maker ever. Then I make a decision and second guess it and go back to my first idea and then hate it and then yell at my husband for not just making the decision for me. Wendy's or Taco Bell?! Such hard life choices.
* Fuzzy critters get me every time. When I see an animal, I make weird goochie goo noises that show how much I love them. My husband doesn't get it. Oh, and I make up voices for my dog. He sounds pretty wise, I must say.
If a dog sitting at a bar isn't wise, I don't know what is.
* I have a Bachelor's in Business Management, but I started out in Elementary Education, then Accounting, and now I'm seriously considering going back for something healthcare related. See: I'm the worst decision maker ever.
* I will jump out of airplanes, go zip-lining, drive like a NASCAR racer and consider bungee jumping, but I'm terrified of going too fast on a snowboard. 
* I hate 'selfies' and you will rarely see me taking them of myself. This is me driving to the gym. This is me getting ready to eat something awesome. This is me before going to bed. Umm, no thanks. But all of you that do, you so pretty.

* I have an accent. Apparently being from Montana means you change long a's to e's. For example, when I pack, I put everything in a beg while flying my freak fleg and avoiding the plegue. It's one of the many reasons my husband loves me. There's so many reasons, though, I almost want to geg.
* I'm a light nazi. Seriously, why do boys always leave every single light on? Drives me bonkers.
* I'm an awesome secret keeper. I've been keeping something from everyone and I can't wait to announce it!

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Amy said...

Awww! I love finding out more about blog friends! Surprisingly, I'm right along with you & the dirty mind. Ask Luke! But you have to know me pretty well, too! :)

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