December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Photo from my instagram. Christmas lights look pretty with city lights.

Dear Idaho weather, SNOW already! I would like to sled down my hill and lace up my snowboarding boots and watch snowflakes fall and just have a white winter. Easy peasy, me thinks. I would love to see snow atop those trees out of those windows up there. Dear self, you best be getting some shopping done here soon. Christmas is seriously right around the corner! Dear Santa, I've been very nice this year. Pinky promise. Dear Husband, I can't wait to make the office pretty in time for our fancy new iMac to arrive! I can't believe we bit the bullet and bought that amazingness. Merry Christmas to us! Dear Dad, tomorrow would be your 47th birthday. I plan on celebrating just the way we would if you were still here. I miss you to pieces. Dear blog, three posts in one week? Whoa! It's almost a miracle. Dear Husband, I still can't believe you'd rather have a kid over a puppy or kitty. Even though it melts my heart a little, not yet. ;] Dear friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of adventure, winter-y drinks and ugly sweaters.


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