December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas to Us

So, Santa came a little early this year and he was dressed as a FedEx guy. He dropped off a shiny white package adorned with the cutest little apple I ever did see.


Unfortunately, Santa is making us pay for this little present, but that's okay. That's what husbands are for! [wink wink]

I'm not really sure what I'm doing since I've never owned a Mac before, but so far, so good. Even though I've had Apple products, there is still definitely a learning curve. Husband is sad we didn't spring for the 27 inch except then we'd be blinded. Seriously, who needs a screen that big?! [Says the girl that wants a 60 inch TV]

If anyone has any tips or awesome resources, send them my way! I'd sure appreciate it. If you blog from a Mac, do you use Blogger or something else? I really liked Live Writer but alas, no more Windows for this girl.

I was planning on linking up with Katie and Steph tomorrow, but the project I picked is taking longer than anticipated. Holy glue sticks batman. Maybe next week! I'm still trying to get in the Christmas spirit, but the lack of snow makes it hard. However, our pretty lights and shopping for our family is helping just a bit!

Check back for some photos of our Christmas decor soon! Oh and because he's so cute, here's a photo from when we went Christmas tree chopping. Where's Waldo Riley?

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